Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Summer Lilies, Good Housing Keeping Kit Finished April 2017

Week 1, 16 Feb 2017
Hello another new project on the go only a medium size. Summer Lilies, Good Housing Keeping Kit a birthday present a few years ago from a friend. 

I started this last week at the craft group I go to so only going to be stitching this there. Gives me another project other than my christmas inn.

Not bad going for a couple of hours work

Week 2,  23 Feb 2017

Another couple of hours work done this week at the craft group.

Love how this is looking so much better than the photo on the front of the kit, standing out so much. Coming on really quick.



Week 3,  9 March

More done on the lilies.

The more I get done it comes to life so bright and colourful didn't think I would like stitching this but I am.

Week 4, 16 March

Getting there with the lilies, main lily nearly done just a few more stitches, on with smaller lilies this week.

Finding the colours so bright and stunning.

Week 5, 23 March

Manage to get some more done even with a sore leg. Was
planning to complete this by the end of the month but I don't think I will.


Week 6, 30 March

So its the end of the month and I didn't get it done in time for my craft group to end for a while.

The group is still on I'm unable to go due to painting in the village hall, I have a health condition called multiple chemical sensitivity just as it sounds I cant be near anything which will set off my condition. One of which is paint so having time off which I can get on with cross stitching/crafting at home.

Week 7, 22 April Finished 

Manage to get this done when I went down to Yorkshire for the day.   

I am so pleased with how it has come out.

Thank you for looking and following me stitching this summer chart. Wished the weather would be more warmer a cold April morning.

God Bless    

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