Monday, 8 September 2014

Dalston Show time 2014

Month since I came on been busy crafting or gardening well trying to any way. So over the last month I have entered Dalston show had to enter 16 items, out of the 16 I won two 1st class and two 2nd so was really happy so the items which won are

Came in 2nd place I stitched them for my mum's birthday a year ago   

Joan Elliott fairy 1st place love Joan's cross stitching. I have changed her in places. Not keen on french knots so replaced with black beads and added the flowers on the border inside.

At my craft class a lady came to show us beading last year just got round to finishing it. So pleased I did as it can in 2nd place.

And the last felting again first time doing needle felting. I bought the kit the other month the came came it the wools, needle, felt and foam. No design just need to let your mind come up with something. My end result came 2nd place.  

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