Friday, 3 January 2014

First Blog

January 3 2014

My first blog about my crafting. I started cross stitching when I was 18 years old but this did'nt last long with studying and then working I stopped. In 2008 I lost my job and found that my local library stocked the cross stitching mags and as they were getting use to me coming in they would hold the free gifts for me to. So after 16 years I picked it back up and found it very relaxing and cheap to make presents for family and friends. Over the last five years I now buy the mags and always making things for friends and family but I have never made anything for myself so this year I am. So let me show you some of my work I have done

Sir Paul Mccartney for my mum loved how he came out. Think the black and white design are so more life like than the colour ones  

Joan Elliott phoenix I stitched this lovely design made it into a small cushion. This was for an exchange on the cross stitching forum  

Another in an exchange, I started this as it was all in one colour when I went to buy more the shading was off but after friends from the fourm came to help me out. I got it completed thanks to them.     

Joan Elliott again from the same set as the phoenix, Dragon loved him again a christmas present for someone one day I will stitch him for myself

Christmas present for my step dads sister, this was one of my first cross stitches I did I am so much better now. Should do it again hate seeing the threads from the back. But we are here to learn which makes us better   


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